About "Not You Ok"

Not you Ok is a blog hosted by Sandeep on varied topics (see list below) & is an intimate account of life’s up and down moments. Though this blog initially intended to be a Management & Personal Excellence blog, but our host does not hesitate to write crap & fictional stories (or as he may deem fit or find appropriate). The words “Not you Ok” are shamelessly lifted out of Sandeep’s personal autograph book (see the whole story hereWhy would you want to Know?)

The topics covered under this blog are Personal Excellence & Development, Management, Technology, Relationships, Inspiring & Interesting Thoughts –  Motivational Content or day to day life’s Experience & Current Affairs (inalienable right to blog about anything)

I don’t desire (but want) you to comment or visit back this blog again, if you find even one blog post useful over here (yes even one) my mission is accomplished. Treat this blog as a stranger who may teach or tell you something nice and disappear in the crowd.

About Me

Sandeep is a Business Administration Graduate from LIM, India. He is currently based in Dubai and works as an HR professional. Apart from working fulltime he is an Autodidact, Blogger, Web Designer, Poet, Writer, VB Software Programmer, Presentation expert and a seasonal Drawing Artist. He has worked on numerous independent software projects (they never saw the light of the day), published online his collection of poems, designed couple of presentations for business executives, and has finished off 6 Major Management Consultancy assignments for a company based out of Dubai, UAE.

Right now his area of interests includes creativity, innovation, presentation design, visual & systems thinking. For Social Cause he intends to work as a counsellor for social change through motivational writing & speaking when . His favorite past time is sleeping if he is not listening songs on his iPod Nano.

About Inspirations

Sandeep is also a passionate writer and his book named “Inspirations” is slated to be released on March 29, 2009. (We will release it on 1st January, 2010)

About Hakka Noodles

Sandeep has only one and one weakness i.e. food (try it, he will never refuse hot Hakka noodles.) He loves to eat Indian, continental, sea food & main course Chinese. He has refined taste for assortment of dishes and holds a certificate in cooking from a local cookery institute. He pleasures himself in preparation of food & strives to be expert in food presentation & its photography. By the way, Hakka noodles are  noodles with lots of vegetables peppered.

About Change

Be the change you wishe to see in this world

-Mahatma Gandhi

Sandeep believes in changing the world by changing yourself first. For a little change in this world, he intends to visit some of the schools in backward areas of punjab & villages and deliver some good speeches and presentations to catchup with the rest of the world.


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