Chief Belief Officer

I have been ignoring this “TED” thing for a long time, but I became interested once I discovered we are going to have one in India also (sadly we had one in Dubai also, but  I missed it already.)

So far, I watched two TED Talks one  The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology by Parnav Mistry and the second East vs. West — the myths that mystify by Devdutt Patnaik. Ideas in the first talk regarding the sixth sense are quite revolutionery but anyone well versed and up-to-date in technology would argue they are not that easy to implement. So, despite his great ideas he failed to convince me. From the demos I would make out they were not even the original demos but a prototypes especially built for this presentation.

The second talk by Devdutt Patnaik I would say is awesome, one of the best presentations I have ever watched on such boring and intellectual topic. I might say he is the genius, his delivery and presentation style was flawless. It was backed up by strong content based on good research and well thought presentation plan. I liked the concept of belief officer to. How great it would be to have one in an organization to create, maintain, manage, evolve good beliefs & finally destroy the bad beliefs. At the end I would like to say:

Beliefs orginate from the stories we tell and listen. Behind every story there is a belief and behind every belief there is a story. It is upto us to identify that story and connect to it in a deeper level.


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