Every Second Counts

A woman has legal recourse if she is abused by her husband or her inlaws.
But a woman doesnt have the right to protest against rape by her husband
And doesnt have the right to insist on condomns in this age of HIV+
This is not an Indian Women’s Issue, but an Indian Issue.

Writes Gayathrie Eshawar on Wise Donkey Blog

Along with this eye-opening poem:

The right to life, for the wife

Dont I have the right to life?
I ask you, says the wife

Unprotected sex is high risk,
Unprotected oral sex is medium risk,
Is my life, asks the wife,
To you all, worth this risk?

Even animals have people protesting against their slaughter
Why does no one think of me as their daughter.
Lets talk about right to safe sex

This issue is not just for chromosome xx
I have to go through this Everyday
Do something for me atleat Today
December 1st, World AIDS Day.

Here is the link to the entire post: The Right to Life, For Wife

Though I am not married yet (and interestingly there is a long way to go for that to happen) but this poem resonated with something in my heart, about millions of girls and ladies being abused every second and I can do nothing about it except being a mute spectator – a shameless bystander.

Why men are so sex maniacs? Something else is wrong with the Indian Society.

As one of my casual remarks to my college friend, I said:

Despite India being the second most populated country is still a sex starved nation, youngsters have a problem with the sex – it has something to do with the way they are introduced to it, abstained from it and how liberated by it when they get married.


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