No need to smile, unless you are invited…?

I am upset. I am upset the way google launches its products. I am really upset with the “Invite” marketing gimmick. Why offer a half baked product to a selected privileged consumers, instead of offering the full fledged version to all. I think google has a big marketing department that thinks this is the only way to create hype.

It is publicity my dear. Good or bad, it is publicity.

First all, my predictions, Google wave will fail. It is too confusing for the common person who just wants to send a simple message and nothing else.

Now, I am a user of Orkut. No, really, I am. Only because all of my friends are at orkut. Facebook I think is much more sophisticated. Orkut is slow, dysfunctional and old. They are coming out with a new Orkut. I was waiting for it. And yeah, you need to be invited to use the new orkut. I am really upset.

And yeah Maruti is coming out with a new Car, you need to be invited to test drive it. And yes, our Pakore (snacks) wale uncle (snack maker) has new offering of new pakoras (snacks), hey again you need to be invited to taste them.Our City Muncipaplity has a new public tansport system launch in a few days time, guess what you need to be invited to try it out. I guess and I pray not all the organizations start doing this. (We have already seen commercialization of this, reportedly you can buy “Wave” & “Gmail” invites at eBay or other auction sites)

My message to google: Hey buddy I know you are pretty big organizationa and one consumer experience won’t ruin your repo. But for the sake of it, please, please stop making me feel inferior & “left out” by adopting “Invite only” policy. and yes this is the only reason I don’t use your Gmail system.


4 responses to “No need to smile, unless you are invited…?

  1. Frankly, it has more to do with testing for bugs, getting feedback (and maybe change a few things based on what people like/dislike), and server capacity, than as a marketing gimmick.

    Also, gmail is no longer on invite mode. Anyone can go get a new account.

  2. n btw….loved some of ur blogs esp on love and relationships…n iam still wondering if there is any guy on this planet who by any chance jeopardize his “imp career” plans jst to be with his gal….honestly i have been the one at loss mostly when its me v/s work…..

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