Indians hoarding back everything!!! (including wallpapers)

Read this wonderful article written by Ms Piyul on Proact Blog. She discusses how we Indians have a tendency to hoard back everything including all things antique & useless. This habit is inherited from generations to generations. Perhaps, I have not. Recently, I threw away a TV box presumably it was full of bed bugs. Keeping useless old things are just plain idiocy I see.

Anyhow, on serious side may be this habit of Indians have a lot more brighter side to it. India recently featured on some magazines green countries list. Interestingly, we Indians have a  lesser carbon footprint than our counterparts all over the world. Because we consume less, save more, use indigenous tansport (have some one listened about Ghudakka – an engine mounted on a wooden cart) and yeah we prefer walking, cycling and more. Similarly, we don’t throw things easily or “Remove from the home” as Ms Piyul Said :). (Evidenty, you can’t use “throw awa” old people might get offended, use a more polite version instead) .I see there is some logic to it. If you keep a thing with yourself, may be if you need it in the future you won’t have to buy (or burrow or find or stole in some extreme cases) again. One of the striking features of any Indian Home would be a “Store Room” where they keep all these someday-we-will-need-them things. My family too used to have one. I miss it so much.

So anyhow, I was discussing how I don’t have this habit. Like the famous dialogue in one of the Jurassic Parks in which the guy said “Life will find its own way”, I too say “Habits will find their own way”. So, what do I hoard back. Emails, Softwares, Wallpapers, Music (no How come delete it, I’ll listen to it someday?), RSS articles & Newpapers (I have really old ones dating back as early as 2000)

So, guys no matter how modern and culturally deprived (I made it up) we become, we gonna never forget our roots, we will continue to be Indians no matter how advanced we become. And on a funny note, we will continue to download Widescreen Wallpapers from,,, Bing’s background, (this is the best one) and we will keep our music library disorganized and keep 7 version of one song (may be we will need it someday) – Plain, Rock, Live, Lounge, Club, Desi & Remix Version. Just in case 😉

Just came back to tell I forgot to mention my eBooks folder – it has around 2500 PDFs, oh sure i’ll read/need them someday. I also invite you to Fireworks show hosted at my home which will begin once my papa returns to find that his old beloved TV Box (around 12 years old) has been “Removed from the house”


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