Unexpected Fog in Dubai and Sharjah

In the morning, here in Sharjah and Dubai for the first time I have seen such a thick fog. It was damn unrealistic. As I walked down the stairs of my Building entrance, holding my Tiffin-carrying-bag in one hand & iPod in another, fumbling all of them to check time on Nokia 5800 xpressmusic, I see a lot of fog greeting me to this wonderful morning. Am I missing something? Where I am?

It might be the smoke of fire nearby or may be a road mishap, I run to the nearest Road to check if there’s an accident. No, as I look over the road, its fog all over, blurring the far away objects & dimming the lights.  It was a great sight, reminding me of my days I spent in India.  I love fog and I love the winter days cherishing the fog in front of my home, my school playground & college park. I am very fond of fog and my heart has a special connection with it (much like the rain.) Fog reminds me of a Winter season in Punjab, which is like a festive season in itself. Special foods, winter arrangements, thick bed covers & blankets, electric heaters & indigenous developed ones (we call it Agithi in Punjabi) are the mementoes of winters.

I thought fog will be one of the many things that I’ll be missing about India. But apparently its not.  According to the people it rarely fogs here in Dubai, and according to my bus driver it is too early for the fog to be here in Dubai. Well, one of the effects of Climate Change is clearly visible now. It was such a thick fog, that otherwise fast moving traffic of Dubai came to a screeching halt.

Looking forward for more such fogs…



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