Global Warming, anyone?

My mom is really weird.  She asks me often to go to our small plot,that dad purchased a many and many years ago, to pluck some fresh tomatoes for cooking the night food. She along with some other villagers had a pact to grow vegetables for own consumption. I used to think it as ridiculous and always stood for the idea to go to the vegetable market.

Becoming more health conscious I discovered that vegetables in the market are not only full of insecticides & pesticides but also a major source of pollution in many forms. If organic food is the answer, I think we need to repeat the question. And what could be the best alternative to the  pesticides ridden food than the home grown organic food. The list of benefits is huge. And you reduce your cook print to a great extent. I tasted both the tomatoes. The one we grew was much more tastier and crispier. The decision is simple.

What a better world it could be if each of us decided to grow for ourselves what ultimately will going to be a part of our body someday when we will consume & digest it. And yes, it is rightly said, you become what you eat. I repeat decision is simple, and moreover, its yours.

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One response to “Global Warming, anyone?

  1. well it’s feel great to focus on our we all worried about our environment global warming is most sensitive which is not our country the recent example of JULY 26 2005 MUMBAI RAINFALL.
    i m 4m jammu kashmir our state banned the POLY BAGS. I think this is very positive step to save our environment.
    we all welcome this decision.


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