Windows Vista


Ah finally microsoft anounced Microsoft Windows Vista yesterday. I was looking forward to this computer operating system from, well, since the time it was in the rumours that microsoft developers are working on the “next generation” operating system. (And it was code named longhorn then)

I knew it was scheduled to be launched on 30th of this January. And fortunate enough, yesterday I read a small article on the launch of windows Vista (I don’t remember the site). I wanted to see if these stupid news channels (which run after few stupid news items, so they can keep repeating them the whole day) carried any news about the launch. None of them has any adequate coverage about it. Only BBC world was able to caught my fancy, but not much of it, as “why should you upgrade” jinx overshadowed it and they ended the feature with just an over view of the features. I saw CNN-IBN displaying “Is it time to upgrade your PC – Windows Vista see @ 8pm ). I was very happy that they are going to have full feature on Windows Vista (that too of half an hour). I really looked forward to 8 pm, I was so excited that I didn’t have my evening nap. But later on, I was really dissappointed that it was their regular news show “Prime Time” which carried a small news item on it.

78825_matterI just love this OS, why? I really like the cool graphics it has, and all those 3d graphics. I will really enjoy working on Windows Vista. And a huge list of features (like windows calender etc.) I know it, even if I can save my pocket money for the next 3 years (my parents will allow me the same till I am studying) I can’t buy it. Anyhow, they can buy me the computer. When I will buy computer I will ask for pre-installed Windows Vista OEM version. (Piracy is another story waiting to be told)


I was just going to end the post, but thought If I can share some links with you:

Windows Vista Ofiicial Website


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