Capture an experience

Whenever you feel that some experience is beyond what you normally have, pop up your Creativity and capture it. Do something immediately to capture that experience, to remember it and to re-live it whenever you want. Here are some ways just to do that.

Grab pen and pencil and write whatever comes to your mind, focus on your thoughts how you are feeling and what made you feel like that. Or what about taking picture??? if you think what you see cannot be capture through writing, the mobile phone you purchased last month comes with in-built camera? So, what? Use it.

If you want to make it more surreal capture a video out of it. Hey but don’t be too immersed in capturing the experience that it loses it charm. Other options might be to tell other person about your experience, you can also tell it to your life partner. Now, one aspect about telling your life partner about your experience is that you have someone who have witness your life. Cool.

One more way is to capture a part of the experience may be the empty cold drink can, movie ticket or whatever that reminds you of the experience.

Now that was some serious creativity (in practical sense).

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