Time Management at its best

We have been working closely planning & organizing for this community project for quite long time, it was 13th of December when all the project stakeholders collaborated online. We were negotiating a date to jumpstart our project. Our logical plan and flow of events pointed to 29th December as the big day. Many wanted the 1st January as the great day to kick start the project, but new year celebrations and engagements  were holding many of us back, including me, I had exam on 1st January.

Everyone cross-checked with their schedules and availability and zeroed on 29th as the day we will begin the project, everyone agreed in unison. As per the project charter the first phase of the community project will start with me interviewing some prominent  people, delivering two presentations and issuing and executing a small survey and submitting a feasibility report by the end of two days.

I rarely consult my calendar for I am not such that busy person, but that day I had an appointment, a very important one, with my sweetheart. I had promised her a movie &  dinner on that day. Without any second thoughts, I disagreed with the finalized date. Many insisted on not changing the date, so I offered my apologies and resignation from the project team and to transfer responsibility that was reposed in me.

My love, to which I put infinite value, is something that I cannot compromise with.  I may derive immense pleasure by serving the community but my real source of inspiration and happiness is my love. After all a promise is a promise. This is a great lesson in time management to upset your entire schedule for reasons that may appear silly but very very important & core to your existence as an individual.

Note: 2 Days after that, on 15th December, one of the project stakeholder informed me that they agree to change the day to any day of  second week of January. Happy!


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