Love Question: Would you return to your lover? (Win a free Book)

Hypothetical Question [?]

h1_128 You are sitting with your lover on stairs in mid-night, suddenly you receive a call on your phone. You excuse yourself  from the lover to attend the call and promise to return back. The call happens to be from the mother of your lover who informs you that your lover has just died in the evening. What would you do now? Will you return? What would you say?

Post your reply as comment, the best reply will get  a licensed free copy* of WHY MEN DON’T LISTEN & WOMEN CAN’T READ MAPS (eBook edition) by Barbara & Allan Pease

You can post as many as replies you want but I will choose only one best reply, or I may choose none in case of no replies to this post or unsatisfactory replies which does not seem to be interesting or good replies. There is no right & wrong answet to this question. The contest closes on 20th January, 2009.

The eBook will be delivered via e-mail. Only one copy.

*Terms & Conditions Apply.


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