In Search of Excellence: What 99% perfection or quality rate means?

Happy New Year!!!

The search for excellence continues in the new year.

More Than Ever!
Happy New Year!

Excellence is the best defense.
Excellence is the best offense.
Excellenceis the answer in good times.
Excellence is the answer in tough times.
Excellenceis about the big things.
Excellence is about the little things.
Excellenceis a hammer.
Excellence is a relationship.
Excellenceis a philosophy.
Excellence is an aspiration.
Excellenceis immoderate.
Excellence is a pragmatic standard.
Excellenceis execution.
Excellence is selfish.
Excellenceis selfless.
Excellence keeps you awake.
Excellencelets you sleep well.
Excellence is a moving target.
Excellenceknows no bounds.


Morethan ever!

Source: Tom Peters,

If one sets an acceptable quality level (perfection rate) of 99 per cent, the results are:

  • 200,000 wrong drug prescriptions each year.
  • 30,000 new born babies accidentally dropped by doctors/nurses each year.
  • Five incorrectly spelt words on every page.
  • 10 Defective airplanes per 1,000

Action Plan:

  1. Do away with the acceptable quality limits, strive for 100% perfection rate.
  2. Adopt Target Zero Defects approach.

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