You want to spend rest of your life with whom?

After watching movie, we usually sit here and chat for few minutes before she leaves for her home. We sit on this bench and observe the crowd in front of us: sometimes we share a smile whenever we see an old couple hand-in-hand, sometime we just shy away when we see a young couple or we share a familiar naughty grin (registering the fact that we have a strong liking for them) when we see kids playing & having fun.

We don’t talk much as we both do introspection on ourselves and on our relationship. But that day she turned to me and said, “Sandeep do you know what?”, I replied “No I don’t know what?”. “I want to”, she said, “marry you.” I looked suspiciously into her eyes and mumbled, “So you have decided” try to calm down the butterflies I was having in my stomach. I mean its by sheer luck that the person whom you love the most and think is the most beautiful of all is saying you the golden words “I want to marry you”

There was this strange feeling from the past and I said, “You don’t know me, you don’t know my past.” I continued, “Maybe I was having a relationship earlier, may be that relationship didn’t work out, may be I am not virgin, may be I am not capable enough of carrying out relationships” She replied, “I am not buying a car, where mileage, previous owners & a scratch on the body work are key considerations. You are my love, first and true.”


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