How to choose the right leader… when there is none!

After the recent mumbai terror attacks, one of the suggestions that has emerged due to the blame game being played by the public & the political leaders is to choose the right leader.

But the dilemma is how to choose the right leader when there is none? What we lack as a nation is a leader who strikes chords with the masses but there is none. We need a leader who inspires the trust & transparency & justice & action (someone like Obama) but, in India, there is none. And if there is any, he is already suppressed & tied up by the bloody politics. Young generation is already detaching away from the politics (come on, in a class of 60 management students no one stands up to become a political leader, even me.)

Piyul Mukherjee of The Proact Blog writes ” It is time for all of us to BECOME THE LEADERS WE SEEK….” and she discusses about this now defunct ‘Lead India’ media campaign which gave us a list of few more names but no leader to whom we can look up to. To make one true leader is one aspect, but to make thousands courageous & true followers is another humongous task.

We can have a leader but can we become the courageous followers?

Coming back to the previous question, searching for the right leader when there is none is troublesome, I still remember last time I went to vote. I researched my candidate well, took opinion of old and young only to find out that not only the “Candidate” & “Party” that I voted to has lost, but many criminal charges has been framed by the winning party  against the candidate I voted to (subsequently my chosen leader went underground for months.)

It has been established, It is better to become the system than to break it.

Hence, question remains insoluble.


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