Target Zero Tools: Poster & Worksheet Template

What is Target Zero? (know more about Target Zero)

To quote from the previous post on Target Zero:

Print out posters with Target Zero written on them & paste them in your room, cubicle or office.  Make a wallpaper of Target Zero text and set it as your desktop background. Make a smaller version of it, transfer it to your mobile & set it as your phone’s wallpaper. Make a sticker of Target Zero (hey you can use some glue) open up your clock & paste it over the background of the clock.

For those people who are going to implement Target Zero I am posting two tools that I use for myself.

  1. Target Zero Poster Template: Download the Target Zero poster template from below, edit it in Microsoft Word and get a print out of it. Now paste it where ever so that it may remain in your sight & attention(even toilet is not a bad idea, I believe)
  2. Target Zero Worksheet Template:  Documenting, I insist. This worksheet template will allow you to document your entire Target Zero, let you set the date, and jot down actions that may help in achieving the Target.

Based on the popularity of these tool I will post two other tools i.e. Desktop Wallpapers & Wallpapers for mobile.

Here are the links to download:

Target Zero Poster

Target Zero Work Sheet

I posted these tools in a bid that it may be helpful to you, if you have any suggestions or improvements or any comments you may want to share please don’t hesitate to post them below.

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