My Favourite 11 tips from the Litemind’s Personal Excellence Project

Finally the list of 66 Personal Excellence Tips is up at The list is awesome and is an excellent example of Collective Intelligence. Almost all of the tips are straightforward, useful or have an insightful advice which can really be beneficial in one way or the other. Hats off to Luciano for this interesting project (and contest of course)

You may access the entire list here: (I linked it out for my Indian friends & readers)

Anyway, here are 11 tips from that list which has become hot favourite for me, or resonates with me very well (as Luciano puts it, for that matter).

Bold is the original entry, with original list number, followed with commentary by me in italic, ended with link i(f any) leading to details.

  1. copyright (c) 1. Be careful when comparing yourself to others. (#2) Never compare your inside with somebody else’s outside (as Hugh MacLeod of puts it, for that matter). I sometime start comparing myself with others only to feel inferior and downgraded, comparison is no justification when the entire pursuit for excellence is on fast track. Try to excel in such a way that even people start saying “Awesome!!! No comparison”


2. Persist until it pays off. (#3)  Long time ago, I read somewhere that some research shows that people REALLY succeed if they persists and stick to their goals. But persist in a right fashion in a right endeavour. Instead of persisting in a impossible endeavour try to persist in something small and be capable of achieving it. According to my fav management guru, Peter F. Drucker  just do away with the ideas, products or plans which does not seem to work and free up resources which could be used for new endeavours.

3. Eat Chocolate.(#5) I love chocolates and some research shows that our heart pulse rate while eating chocolate is same as when we are lip kissing our partner. Just imagine lip kissing your partner while the hell of deadlines & pressure is mounting up. Ok if you don’t have girl friend don’t worry just have chocolate and enjoy yourself. (note: I do believe that chocolate has some kind of soothing effect)

4. Serve. (#9) The best career advice I ever had was from my school St. Thomas  whose Tag line sums it very well “To Serve With Love”

5. Practice being selfish.(#11) I am one of the proponents of the idea of putting your mask first in an airplane emergency before you do for others. Be self-dependent & selfish in the first place so as to begin helping others We had a huge hot debate on this topic in our class, unfortunately the lecturer had to leave before concluding the entire thing.

You may continue reading the list…


6. Show up.(#17) No Comments. Original Text:People say they want to achieve things, but then don’t show up for the things that would help them get there. They want to be writers, but don’t show up at the word processor. They want to own a business, but they don’t show up for the educational seminar. They want to be actors, but then don’t show up for the audition. [details] (by Lyman Reed)

7. Health, the neglected point.(#21): It doesn’t matter if you researched your topic well, you used the best photos available, you stay up entire night to prepare your presentation only to discover that you have sour throat & unable to deliver your well-crafted presentation. 3 important words: Health Does Matter.

8. Stop expecting bananas from people who have no bananas. (#23)My most favourite tip.Just stop expecting that useless guy to behave well with you. Just stop expecting that your girlfriend will understand you someday. Expectations are huge trouble maker.

9. Tomorrow is another day. (#40) Don’t worry your efforts are not wasted, just take rest and try hard tomorrow

10. Just Do it.( #44) My fav management guru (another) Tom Peters say it doesn’t matter if you have best of the maps available with you, you will find oil only if you drill. Make as many plans, strategies as you want, but only those will get oil who start drilling right away.

11. Be Real.(#50): my fav teacher, Mrs. Harpeet Panesar once said to me “Stop pretending Sandeep, life will start pretending to you”. (I was sleeping while pretending to read). Come on it is better to live your style then to die at someone else’s style (wish, expectation whatever)

That’s all!

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