Mumbai Terror attack is a attack on every Indian

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For complete coverage of the entire terror attack please see November 2008 Mumbai Attacks on Wikipedia. STRONGLY CONDEMN THE MUMBAI ATTACKS. My condolences to the families of those who died in the attack as well as those super heroes who died while serving their country as well as protecting the ordinary people & citizens of India.

My kudos to the Mumbai Police who reacted within seven minutes of the attack as well as NSG (National Security Guards) who emerged like super heroes and accomplished the mission of flushing out the terrorists. I am particularly disappointed with the death of Hemant Karkare, the Anti-Terror Squad chief.

The entire event was full of traumas and tragedies, it was equally devastating to watch the entire ghastly episode of terror encounter unfold live on the television.

WHO IS TO BLAME? Government for lack of concern for the security of the citizens, Local  government for the inaction to the intelligence input (even some fishermen association wrote to them apprehending the import of RDX), local citizens for turning blind eye to the suspicious activities (they were staying for more than a month in the Niraman House, their suspected heart quarters where they hatched the plan) or the Hotel Management for poor security checks & implementation (how on this earth they got the entire map of the hotel, look how they behaved like they know this place as it was their home)

It is equally unacceptable & shocking on the part of the management of the large hotels why they don’t install  a suitable baggage screening system (like that we have in airports) to check the baggage of each check-in customers. Of course, past teaches us lessons and SOMETIME WRONG LESSONS.

Pakistan did, has and will always have some sort of connection with the every terror  attack in the country. DENYING IS NO JUSTIFICATION. What the hell is going wrong with the External Affairs Ministry of India and honourable Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. EAM should get their priorities right with the Pakistan Government, agenda is simple, no more peace talks unless Pakistan stops sponsoring terror from their land.

Mr. Manmohan Singh, I thank you very much for the 1992 economic reforms. Sir, After 10 years from now I would like to thank you for the Security Reforms you can make for the country, even now when your term is left no more than 6 months from now.

I know it is easy to type out criticism & make suggestions but it is quite disturbing to hear the news of the death of many people due to these terror attacks. I know it is easy to lead the entire class to stand up and observe silence for 2 minutes, then to stand in front of death eye-to-eye, when any moment can be your last, to observe ear deafening silence occasionally upset by the bullets & hand grenades. But believe me, my stomach churned when I read the news alert on my Mobile: Mumbai Under Siege, I clenched my fists whenever I saw live action or news of death on TV, my heart beat tantamount to the adrenalin rushing through my nerves, I WANT THESE IDIOTS TO LEARN A LESSON, CRUSH THEM TO DEATH.

As is the quote of some anonymous guy, never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. I want each and every Indian to stand up for something they believe (terrorists have no place in our world) rather than fall for anything (as useless as terrorism.)

On that sad note I would like to salute to that unknown guy, the man in uniform who died for the goodwill of his country, who breath his last while serving his nation, whose heart pumped the passionate blood into the nerves while he stood with finger on the trigger to wait for the moment he could kill the terrorist and free his fellow men from the never ending trauma not knowing he was standing there to be doomed to martyrdom.

At last two men died in the battle of good and bad, one died the death of a hero and another the death of a looser. One can make any ordinary mother to hold her head high with pride, and the other can make any ordinary mother to retreat into shame. One fought and died for his country for higher good, the other died the death of fool with no apparent reason. At last I saw a dead body of man laden with beautiful flowers carried over with thousands of hands, wrapped in tri-color, carried with warm feelings in heart and tears of sorrow in eyes, to be buried with the millions of  wishes of unknown citizens. At last I saw  a dead body of a man resembling the same of a maniac dog who died last night with no fathomable reason being dragged to the vehicle better suitable to be used as municipality trash van. One was bid adieu with salutation through gun shots & fires up to the sky, and the another one with the curses of each soul of this entire world.

Of course it was because of their deeds, my dear reader, one was a Brave Police Man and the other was a foolish terrorist


3 responses to “Mumbai Terror attack is a attack on every Indian

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  2. The Mumbai attacks have left the world shattered and hopefully, we will get to see the results this time at-least, which we the ordinary citizens have long demanded and hoped. I wish that the results come from the government, who is the right channel for the same, else we the ordinary/foolish citizens will have to take commands in our hand and if all goes like this, then the day is not too far when another Nasiruddin Shah like character will born (as he was in the movie ‘A Wednesday’) and do the duties that are meant to be done by the government.

    • Vishal you are right, recently I heard on news that the LeT is has become as powerful as the Al-Qaida terror group. The group was not powerful, but it is now because of the gross negligence of our lazy gorvernment. Excersizing military action against them is not the right option, but putting diplomatic pressure on the pakistan to dismantle the terror infrastructure. Keep tuned into this blog for more discussion on current indo-pak relations & future.

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