On Being a Management Student: A New Perspective

It’s really funny when your relatives poke you in the stomach and ask “ah! Bachelor of Business Administration, but son really what you are supposed to do?” Next year I will be management graduate and I have faced so many people that have posed that question to me. People think commerce at plus two, and a BBA in college what the hell you intend to do with your life. People, often from the non-commerce & non-management background, ask me: You have got no specialization or technical knowledge, unlike medical & non-medical students, what you are going to do rest of your life. Here is the answer to all of you science & engineering students, what management student aspires & is supposed to do.

I may not know how to assemble an airplane or how to fly it but I can manage the team of six members who may be assisting in safe landing of that airplane.

I may not know the chemical formula of the life saving drug, but I can help you in filing the patent application for it & obtaining the selling rights in particular region.

I may not know how the light bulb works, but I can devise the marketing mix so that the light bulb reaches the home of the needy and may just light the home at the right moment.

I may not know how the car engine works, but at the service station I may ensure that your vehicle is properly serviced using stringent quality checks.

I may not know how each and every machine of your football factory works, but I can help you in preparing the tender & contract documents, and help you to obtain export license so that you may start exporting the footballs right away.

I may not know how to treat your patient, but surely, I can manage the procurement of the machinery that may help you in diagnosing & treating the patient.

I may not have crores of rupees to invest and become a self made entrepreneur… but I can put together a feasibility study and gauge the market viability of your product and idea so that you may not lose your money.

I may not know much about teeth, but I can study your target market, do media planning & scheduling as well as media buying on your behalf so that your dental clinic may attract the maximum customers.

I may not know the engineering or its fundamentals, but I can help you manage the construction project and ensure that it is delivered on time without compromising on quality.

I may not know computer programming, but I will make sure that my company’s Customer Relationship Management system is working properly so no customer’s complaint is turned away.

I may not know how to design the building architecturally but I can help you assess the environmental damage it will cause and put together environmental impact assessment report so environment is damaged in least possible manner.

Managing By Leading and Future Manager: That is what I am supposed to do and that is what I supposed to be, quite respectively.


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