Story about Kalidasa & "Not you okay"

Kalidasa was a renowned Classical Sanskrit poet and dramatist. According to Wikipedia, his place in Sanskrit literature is the same as that of Shakespeare in English. Before he himself recognized his superb talent he was known to be a stupid. Such was his level of stupidity that he was found to be chopping off  the same branch of the tree on which he was sitting on.

By silly arrangements he was married to the daughter of a king who was fooled into believing that Kalidasa is a great poet & thinker. Anyhow, his wife discovered later on what a stupid she was married to.She always cursed him & his stupidity.  Kalidasa was really hurt, one day he decided to leave the home. Before leaving he had a quarrel with his wife. His wife uttered 3 derogative words to him (obviously insulting him for the stupidity he had). Already hurt he went on a religious tour where he discovered his abilities & worked hard to improve them. There he composed one of the greatest of his works which started with the 3 derogative words. These words were the same as his wife said to him while he was leaving the home.

What a great person he was to draw inspiration from the person who insulted him for his stupidity. But later on in his life he returned to his home to thank his wife for awakening the unknown poet in him. He refused to live with her wife, while his wife insisted to forgive & spend rest of his life with her.

The story behind this blog is somewhat similar. No I was not a stupid & I have not become a genius overnight. Just read on to figure out the similarity.

There was one girl in my school whom I admired a lot. She was a topper of the class and right from the start she had some serious misunderstandings with me. Despite so many hurdles & communication barriers I was able to befriend her. One day I asked her for the autograph, the kind of, you have on slam books. In the friends column she wrote names of some of the boys & in big bold letters he wrote “Not you okay!”. And the seed for this blog was sown.


  Life’s incomplete, story untold, friends torn apart, hopeless love so far. Life what a pity it is to be, she did not make friends with me”  – Sandeep K. Chopra


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