Entry for April 05, 2008

entry for april 05, 2008

If at first you don’t succeed; call it version 1.0. – Unknown

Ok we are usually told that when your product fails… do a little bit of research, see your successful competitor (imitate if possible), repackage the product, re-brand it… & launch into the market…


I think I have made these things pretty clear a) my blog failed (see illustration 1) b) I am re-branding it…

For the past few months life has taken its full toll on me, after lots of ups and downs, right and left I have finally settled into my new life. As the dust settle down I see I have nothing much left & so I have to start from scratch. Change is inevitable, Mr. Sandeep.

Anyway, as you can see I have deleted all my friends, completely revamped my profile, change the layout a bit and the profile picture, so this is called blog RE-BRANDING.
Added a few extras like FREE-BLOG-POST-EVERY-MONDAY, little bit of product promotions you can see…

The title of blog still remains the same: “Those were the dayz…” I think it best describes the theme, and still I can’t find another creative title. We talk a lot about the core competency of the firms & organizations. You know what my blog too now has a core competency & they are my poems (which I publish here). You got it right, my poems (and a little dose of others poems also). You can always come here to get your regular dose of some poems (meaningless with meanings). If you have a underdeveloped marketing knowledge like I used to have, core competency is defined as the core strength of something on which it relies for its success & existence (don’t quote me in your research paper).

And one thing more, since I have plenty of time (and money) to invest into this blog expect HUGE (say H-U-G-E) changes in this blog, don’t miss out anything!!!


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