Small is new big

Sorry guys for burrowing that title off from a book, but really, small is new big for me. Look whose talking? A guy who believe he is onto something big. Time for self-review. Why don’t the words flow now… giving the cursor the chance to blink & grin…

Look, going by the manifesto of this blog, there are words that must be said, there are words that must be heard. Meet your host, a guy who once believed in changing the world is now fighting off to change himself. A guy who has failed in setting realistic goals. A guy who once believed conviction is stronger than reality. A guy who is failing to fullfill self made promises. A guy who is losing everything around him. Losses are inevitable, as Sharukh Khan once said, “Losses are inescapable. And at the end, what ultimately you do is lose your life”.

Yours truly believe in failures, because they are the stepping stones to success. I vividly remember the SMS: “Failures are the badges of success! Keep up the good work”, I once sent to my class mate who lost a hockey match. Those who says winning & losing doesn’t matter are the ones who usually lost. Time to re-think again. Why always choose goals that one cannot achieve? Small goals are much easier to achieve & the satisfaction is far more than one can percieve.

When an individual cannot attain a specific goal or type of goal that he or she anticipates will satisfy certain needs, behaviour maybe directed towards a substitute goal. Although, the substitute goal may not be as satisfactory as the primary goal. It maybe sifficient to dispel uncomfortable tension.^^1^^

Now, I firmly believe, standing in the sun light sipping a cup of tea staring at the strangers is far more satisfying than sitting in the library & browsing the technology magazines that has nothing to do with your career. (Those who don’t know: for a good career, you don’t need to sit in the library)

Now, I firmly believe, your picture in gilded frame with your loved ones is far more soul-gratifying than getting your photo on the front cover of the Business Week magazine. (Your sex life & relationships play much important role in job satisfaction)

Now, I firmly believe, staying back home & washing dishes & playing with the water while doing so is so much fun than to go out & change the world. As my favorite saying goes, let the lover be disgraceful, crazy & absent minded. Someone sober will worry about the things going badly. Let the lover be. Do I have to remind you? You are such a sweetheart, a lover.

What do you think, is small new big?
1. Class notes, Dynamics of Motivation, Consumer Behavior

Side note: Please don’t mind the sad tone of the post, I was a little bit upset when I wrote this one.


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