While browsing through some productivity sites regarding how to improve your creativity and productivity I came across this excellent piece of advice: Flip-an-idea…

Say you want to generate some new idea about anything like new product feature, business, research or whatever you are into, you can apply this technique. Like if you already have some information or an idea about something & you want some new idea try to flip it i.e. think exactly the opposite of it.

Examples: say you are brainstorming to develop the fastest website of the world… now think opposite – the slowest website & it’s features a)heavy graphics b)cranked layout c)lot of tables etc… d)heavy flash use.. . Eureka!!! Develop the website without these features and you have the fastest website around….

Another example would be say you want to develop a new mobile phone and you don’t know what would be its features. Now flip the idea, think about the worst mobile phone ever made… bulky, difficult to carry, slow response etc. the list is endless. Now try to think opposite of these: light weight, easy to carry, faster interface. You have the list of features with you.

Don’t let the simplicity of this technique make you ignorant about it. I know it’s very simple but its very effective give it a try. This idea is very much applicable in our lives & at our workplace. It is very practical & I have incorporated into my own life, in my studies, in my personal relationships & whatever you can imagine.

You can even use this idea with your pets… say you want to make your pet happy… what are the things that make him go crazy… when you don’t feed him on time, when you don’t give him attention, when you don’t play with him… so simple flip all these & think opposite of this. Your pet would be happy.

This technique is adopted & incorporated into this blog, we will use this technique throughout the lifetime of this blog. As such this post is also highlighted .


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