Entry for January 21, 2008

5 Hi-tech Inventions of the 21 st century:

  • Waterproof towel
  • Solar powered torch
  • Book on how to read
  • Pedal powered wheelchair
  • Umbrella with holes to see if it’s raining or not
  • And last but not least, my blog without any latest posts.

Jokes apart, I am really serious about reviving this blog. But you already know my excuses that I was having holidays and when I am in college I complaint that I am too busy. Now, there is something special about being busy all of the time doing nothing, but sleeping and eating. But that is a different story altogether.

In my previous posts (which are months older) you people have seen my claim of having photographic memory coming down to ashes as I revealed that I have, um… forgotten my password. I said I am an idiot. I am happy that I forgot my password. Why I am happy? To support this fact read these two statements

  • we should always create not-so-simple passwords
  • I can remember only simple passwords

Now, if you don’t have an underdeveloped brain like me, you can judge that the password I created was really strong that is why I forgot it. Another implication is that, since the password is so strong nobody can easily break it.

Why did I put all my blog posts into one zip file and password protected it?

So simple, I did so that I can have access to all my posts from one location and I don’t have to hunt around to see where my each post is. I password protected it so that nobody can edit the content of my posts. Since when I come online what I do is blindly copy paste my post from MS Word to the online blog editor.

You have forgotten your password it means we will not get to read what you wrote in the holidays?

Wrong, you people will definitely get to read that posts since I have saved copy of each posts in my documents folder, this time without protecting them with passwords. Happy 🙂

Now, you might think I am very poor at remembering my passwords so I usually create simple passwords. You are wrong. I create strong passwords. Since, I frequently open my blog account that password has got imprinted into my memory forever. But still you can pray to god that I don’t forget password of this blog, and you tend to get irregular dose of my blog posts.

Anyway, now I will go to restaurant and have one pizza. Oh I am falling short of money, first I will make a trip to my ATM then to restaurant. Wait a minute, what’s the password of my ATM card… oh I don’t remember… I will be back soon…


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