Entry for August 14, 2007

And august is my favorite month…

That’s all bumkum… august, if past is to be believed is the worst month of the year atleast for me. I always plan well in advance how this month is got to be… that’s where I am caught always wrong. The planning funda does not go well with me.

First I zipped my documents in a zip file and forgot the password, a few days ago I discovered that my computer is infected with a virus win32.jeefo.A making my claim that in 4 years I have never got a virus on my computer to poof!!!

Now, all of my word documents are infected with a virus. I have used all of my know how to repair the damage, but in vain. Watch I will be soon back with those post which I have created in the holidays. Just watch out for the tag holidays in the tag cloud.

This virus part was not enough to give me a headache, earlier this week when I joined the college I discovered that my college hasn’t adjusted the college fee from my hostel fee. Just in the morning I discovered my name doesn’t exist in the BBA students list. I talked to the admin which gave me little bit relief by saying that “it’ll be alright”.

So many tensions, my friends says I am a very tensed person. Me, and tensed are you joking? I make a big smile atleast showing four of my teeths and say, “No, I am not tensed” and remain quiet after which I start discussing my problem.

We have a holiday tommorow, and maybe we wil have a lot of fun… just stay in touch and I will let you know what’s happening and what’s not!!!


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