Different Species of Students (esp in my class)

In last birth you used to pull and break the legs of flies, and in the trial court of Almighty you were sentenced to extreme torture. But because of your nice nature it was adjudged that the torture will be given in installments. So, here is the next installment of your torture. Read my blog post.

Studying for almost 3+12+1 = 16 years*, hopefully I can call myself a good student (so what if I still count using my fingers). Being a student I can tell you, it is a great experience to be in the class which is full of variety of students. Now, because of my super natural analytical powers (so super and so natural that I can only use them in boring lectures), I keep analyzing other students of my class. (Oh I goofed up! You thought I was listening to my lecturer)

Now, like a sincere researcher and scholar I would like to share the valuable insight of my research which enumerates different kinds/varieties of students of my class.

Oh-my-pants-are-on-fire students

To be frank, I love this variety. They are always in a hurry and never have the time to say ‘hi’. They are very studious and are permanently attached to a very suspicious-yet-so-stupid device called eyeglasses. As I said they are very busy students, always scribbling something on the paper and run a round-the-clock service called ‘free notes’ i.e. if you miss a lecture you can ask them for notes. They are very knowledgeable but there knowledge is limited to them only in the manner that if you ask them a question they will smile and say ‘don’t know’ so you remain a fool and can’t outsmart them in the upcoming mid semester exams. I can judge, my lecturer pays them a very hefty sum of money to attend to the lectures, since they don’t even miss a single lecture.

Yo basket-ball players variety

They are usually tall and dress like a basketball players and occasionally come to classes to see if the chair they used to sit is still there or not. They don’t bother about study, because they are able to smuggle small pieces of critical information into the examination hall. No lecturer of sound mind is capable of executing the search warrant against them because of their massive size, psychic and the international level coach they have hired at the gym. They often stop by you, look down to you and smirk “yo! Wassup kid”

Dinosaur Variety

You are told they are extinct, but once (maybe twice) in a year you are able to spot them in the class. They seldom come to the class and are ungrateful to the lecturer as much as actor ungrateful to the director for giving the guest appearance in the movie.

Albert Einstein variety

They are genius – they believe like that. They know everything about Albert Einstein, that how with poor grades in history, geography, and languages, he left school with no diploma and went to Milan and try to co-relate their low performance with that and say it’s not a co-incident. To prove this they can tell you about Pythagoras theorem, integration, recite the value of pi and tell you details of jute industry of Zimbabwe. But when you ask what subjects they are being taught, well, they are in problem. They remind you of Albert Einstein when you smirk at them for their very very low grades.

I-am-thinking variety

This is the funniest variety I have ever known. If a lecturer asks them a question, they will put a finger on their chin and start thinking. They will make certain facial expressions which would let you believe that they are really thinking. But as the climax come closer, they start thinking fast, start murmuring the answer, blinking and murmuring. It looks as they are going to share the remedy to the iminoglycinuria of the intestine. But as the wait ends, they shake their head and say ‘sorry’ they don’t know the answer.

Deperessed-by-life-can-kill-anyone variety

They are the most dangerous and they pretend that they have all the problems of the world. When the teacher is discussing about the motivation techniques for the employees, they step in and start sighing about the corruption practices of the current government. When lecturer is describing the training needs of employees, they start complaining to the lecturer about how much the food is bad at the mess. When the lecturer is explaining different types of computer networks they start discussing population problem of India. And I am amazed at their aggressive stance, they talk, as if the lecturer is the government employee, their mess contractor, or the root of problem of population of India.

Well, that was all for today. I am happy that I do not fall into even one of the categories given above. If I was to create the category for me I would name it creature-of-computer-lab-live-die-for-blogging

On that note, I sign off for now… bye and take care… don’t kill and don’t get killed…

*3 year of kindergarten, 12 of senior secondary, 1 year of BBA

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