A Day in my Life (Life is beautiful)

Hi, how are you? Most probably you are alright, otherwise you would not have been sitting in front of computer monitor, and reading a blog of stupid guy, and smiling… look you just smile… you naughty…

Anyway, life’s very beautiful. On a good evening, I return from college, unclothe myself and just (hold your breath, there is nothing like that) run into bathroom and take a shower. Shower – the only thing that can make you cool, it’s been so hot here for a few days (due to considerable increase in average global atmospheric temperatures resulting from the greenhouse effect *I love details*). My next step is the Mountain Dew in the fridge, ah!1 litre is just enough. After putting the whole bottle into my stomach, I feel somewhat comfortable. Now, I am ready for other things. Then watching television, and listening to news and things happening around the world. Then reading newspaper* (actually watching explicit & intellectually objectionable photos of bollywood actresses, ok cool mummy doesn’t read this blog). Listening music and day-dreaming about the new iPod nano I am going to get this year. In between, I am hit with hungry-go-insane-gorilla disorders, you can see me running around the home and beating my chest and making loud noises while gulping everything that comes in my way. There is something special about being hungry all the time.

It’s all okay with that, but life’s not so beautiful, when one fine evening I come back my home and go straight into my room and think what’s more to life then taking showers, drinking colas, putting everything into your stomach treating it as a trash can, and reading papers. I think that thinking is justified after having a terrible fight with friend, exchanging blows with the lecturer, and then knowing that college bus driver has just left you over in the college, and then come home to discover only that there is a lock on the main door and I have to wait for another 2 hours until I get into my home.

Sitting alone in front of the main door, I think “Life is all about making your wishes come true”. My parents wished that I be a good person when I grow up, have decent paying job to support my family and educated enough to lead a respectful life. So, they sent me to the best English-medium school in the town, and after that they put me in college with the best placement records. Now, here I am in front of you people, running in what seems to be never ending circles. Go college and come home. I have already spent 20 years of my life in getting secondary education and at least 5 more years to go before I can call myself a master of business administration. Even after that I will wear a tag called “Busy-busy” running after money and well, more money. Life is looking nowhere in the near future.

And then the critical examination of the grounds for fundamental beliefs and an analysis of the basic concepts employed in the expression of such beliefs follow (ahem, those who’ve got under-developed brain like me, it means ‘philosophy’).But the lifetime of that philosophy is equal to that of child who is never born. Sooner or later, mom will arrive and will announce that she brought a Cheese Roll for me. I forget everything about my philosophy, anger and everything about my life as I unwrap the cheese roll and take a bite more than my mouth could accommodate. Who cares about life? I don’t. I love fighting with my friends, I love arguing with my lecturer, I love missing the last bus to home, I love sitting alone in front of my home in dusk. Life’s so beautiful.

*Well, I only read Economic Times, the one with the business news. Actually, there are no actresses to drool over (only silly looking graphs). Ghosh! You knew that, business people are not glamorous enough


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