I Do Blog. Why?

Ah I am back with a bang. I have got the computer at home for almost 2 weeks I suppose. But you already knew that. Now stop giving me that ‘guy-with-a-computer-for-2-week-still-no-post’ look. I was busy with some exams and I am down again with the feelings, just making sure I don’t miss out something in the blogosphere.

No matter how hard I try to put a question down, someday in the future I will raise my hand and ask for excuse and go ahead with my silly question. Just another such question now, do I need to raise my hand? Duh? I think no. So, my question is simple Why do I blog? Let me answer it in unusual way.

Somebody needs to take the pain

Sometime so much pressure down my throat, I really feel stressed down at the end of the day. So, I blog. I blog about my feelings, to vent out my emotions. Do I sound stupid? But then this blog is the only place where I can sound stupid (and runaway because no one reads it). Though I don’t take any tension, but whenever tension sees me alone, it attacks me so badly. Blog is one of my AK-47 to tackle down the tension. At least, when I blog I don’t feel the tension. I forget about the fight I had with my friend, project deadlines, disheartening remarks, beautiful-yet-so-stupid-girl who thinks I am an ass, electricity power cuts and a lot unmentionable things. I spray all my pain in this blog.

Somebody needs to experience

Life is so small, that is what makes it so sweet. I want to write down all my feelings, experience, thoughts and ideas into one place. When I am judged at the end of my life, I want to use this blog as eye-witness. Since I have no one who would stand by my side, I want to take this blog with myself.

Good time pass

Posting on this blog and coming back 9 times in an hour just to see if someone has commented on it or not is a good time pass and a very bad addiction for a BBA* student.

I love that oh-I-didn’t-wrote-that feeling

It’s been long since I have started out this blog. When I was a kid I used to buy the car toys and break them to see what was inside them. Now, don’t think I am lunatic or that has nothing to do with my under-developed mind. That thing has to do a lot with this blog, it means I love experimenting with the things. So, my lord, I do accept the fact this blog is a result of my random surfing and a silly experiment. Now, when I read in between the pages of this blog I feel every emotion on this earth (happy, sad, guilt, surprised, humble and I can’t remember all those feelings). I feel silly and I wonder it was me who wrote all that crap, so many grammatical mistakes, no link between paragraphs, so artificial. I love that oh-I-didn’t-wrote-that feeling

I hate that bully

He is a big guy and I have no thoughts of turning back and reply when he slaps on my face. So, I pretend I am going to the principal, when originally, I go to computer lab (no. 4, ground floor, 2nd room, right side of admin office *I love details*) and sit down to type down my next blog post. So, if one fine day, you find extremely offending and aggressive words on this blog, please for god sake don’t blame me, just curse that guy-the bully

She will come, finally

Boys will be boys. Someday she will sit down to use computer by willful mistake. As soon as she opens Internet Explorer (default browser of my thinking, when I think of browser, I think only of Internet Explorer), she is taken to my blog where she reads all my blog entries, and out of sheer ignorance she start believing that I am a really a good guy. And she drops me a mail. Then she proposes me and we get married. Ok ok sorry for creativity of this stupidity. While this was a joke, I pray that this happens someday (on opposite while praying I make ‘oh god that bully never discover this blog’ wish)

Some studies have suggested that long periods of typing, improper workstation setup, incorrect work habits, stressful work conditions and relationships, or problems in your personal health may be linked to injuries. These injuries could include carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, tenosynovitis, and other musculoskeletal disorders. If your mind is underdeveloped like me it translate as “I am tired and I need a break” to lay man’s language.

On that difficult note, I sign off… See you soon…

*BBA: Here means bachelor of business administration ( and not bachelor of bad activities. Mind you!)

Playing On WMP: Nobody wanna see us together (Akon, Konvicted)


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