Take Care

In last post, I had mentioned about my new computer which come pre-installed with windows vista. Few minor corrections in that sentence , it is not my computer, actually ownership of it goes in the name of my brother and it doesn’t come with windows vista. WOW experience, to be precise. It is loaded with Windows Media Centre.

Now, it doesn’t mean that I should start crying like a small baby who is denied his milk bottle, but I have various reasons to smile. My parents bought me a new computer 4-5 years ago, when I was in 9th. My brother got computer when he is in +1. And mom says I can use that computer freely. Free as in “Buy one get one free” not as in freedom i.e. I don’t have to pay anything for using it but I have to leave it when my brother wants to use it. Freedom, oh you understand. What’s the problem then? Nothing, and computer dealer said he would install Windows Vista on 15th of this month. I am smiling….

My brother had already instructed me not to enter his room, when service man would come to install the computer. So, my heart sank a little as I ponder over the thought that I will not be able to watch the auspicious ceremony of new computer installation, and I can’t brood over as he unpacks the realm of ultimate male nirvana i.e. a media centre pc. But luckily, the service man called on my mobile, asked me to receive him on the outskirts of our village. It was once in a life time situation, that I praised my villagers for settling down in their home in no particular pattern or organized manner, which when looked above from a chopper would look like a puzzle game. It was because of them that the service man was not able to figure out our little home sweet home.

Anyways, when he came home I lay down in my bed pretending to be sick and I swear by myself not to go out to living room. But then who cares, I wanted to see how 17” TFT screen looked, and how fast is a 1 GB RAM and 3.06 GHz computer processor. Then who cares, shamelessly I went into the room. I swear again and crossed my fingers and put them on my lips, and promised to myself that I will not speak a word. But to my utter dismay, he announced that Windows Vista is not installed. Now, this is not fair. You would have clearly noticed expressions on my face. My eyes popped out and my jaws dropped down (enough to swallow 5 kg water melon). I was shocked; to me it was like being at the day of my marriage, and knowing that my bride had run away with local vegetable seller (who had twice cheated me by selling 7 days old tomatoes). Now, lot of vegetable and fruits in my this post has to do a lot with my life, to be precise, right now, as I am feeling very hungry. Hungry reminds me of Chicken soup, It is very tasty… anyway my parents say we should not diverge from the focus of our life… err… this post.

I was sad a little bit as I was not able to run Windows Vista. Anyways, few days later, it awaits me… with its arms open… I will run and hug it like a lover meets his beloved after spending 5 years in jail. Oh my vistu (love name) I am coming…

On that note I sign off, bye see you again… and don’t forget to read the title of this post.


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