Walking lonely


It is quite long that I have posted on this blog… well the reason even I don’t know why? Maybe I am going to launch a new blog… 360 doesn’t give much flexibility and freedom. Anyway, this blog is not dead and it is still owned by me, and I promise to myself to keep it alive no matter what happens.

What about the poems? Well, I am not writing anymore. No ideas yet. But once I get out of this loneliness and creative trap I will surely write something beautiful. Now you may guess my next sentence, I am bore with the same routine. College, eat, sleep, college.

As for the news, I am going to buy a new pc, I already placed the order (by the time you read this I may have a new computer). And yes, Windows Vista come pre-loaded on it. The WOW experience. But I may not enjoy it as much as I enjoyed my previous PC (even if the cave man you know has a better pc than mine)

Blogging will become a regular feature then, because I will do all my typing work on my personal pc. Right now, I am in Introspective mode… thinking about life, family, friends, new friends, friends lost, friends unknown and a lot like that…

Then I came over this thought by my favorite Indian blogger, that what ultimately matters in your life is how well you sleep at night. Think carefully about the person you going to marry in your life. On that note, I would like to sign off…


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