Are you fashion?

Who says that he doesn’t like the fashion? Fashion is everywhere. There is fashion of wearing different clothes, there is fashion in speaking English, in reading books, blogging on net, making friends, eating food, singing song, walking alone, working late hours, using phone, missing your loved ones. There is fashion in everything I see; fashion is not doing something different. Fashion is doing what other people do.

Because only change is constant, so fashion must change. Does change brings about fashion or fashion brings about the change? Think anyway, but ‘the change’ must remains. Why adopt new fashion? You must change because of the repetitive same. Repetitions bring monotony, and monotony bores you to death. When the element of monotony touches you, you start to feel bore. Do something different to escape the monotony? Yes, tonight eat something different; tomorrow wear some different color clothes, while returning home smile to your bus mates. This will give you relief from eating the same food, from wearing the same clothes, from same boring bus mates.

Of all hundred things, one thing I must say. Change yourself, but don’t ever change the force inside you.

I have known many people which are reluctant to change; from where they have got this inability? I do not understand. But they must change. They are the one who says they don’t like fashion, and fashion is a bad thing for all. But fashion is everywhere, in this blog post and the comment you are going to make


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