Friend Left Behind

In lieu of those unraveled joys,
And beside that unjust pride;
I had something that I have lost;
‘A friend’ that I left behind.

He helped me a lot, whenever I was in need,
He was just, good and to me kind;
But I wasn’t careful about him,
Forsaking, I left him behind.

I promised to standby him,
And I often go back to the place,
where we used to meet
I remember, I said to him
“please wait I’ll be back in a time.”
He must be waiting for years,
To meet me, dearest of his dears.

From where, such a friend, I shall find;
He is not in my sight, but my soul,
Of which he was a part I left behind.

I feel guilt, ashamed and helpless,
Whenever this loss comes to my mind,
Tired by my own selfishness,
I am in search of my friend I left behind;

Now I am here in front of you all people,
I searched him in all spheres of my life,
And now as I walk towards the end;

Oh you people! Look upon me as a fool,
Who left behind his only beloved and only friend.

Written by me

I wrote this poem on 6th of August, 2004. This poem is dedicated to all my friends (both online and offline) and all readers of my blog.

This poem has been posted as a entry to ‘Friendship festival’ promoted by my friend Niru… See here for more info

(friendship card courtsey: my friend ‘MAHI’ for sending me over mail, oringinal source not known)


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