To get love is to lie…

First it was a just a day, then it became week, now it is a whole month. Yes, my dear friends, ‘February’ is now termed as the ‘The Month of love’. Now, not for an hour, or day, or a week, but you have to make up various excuses to silly people, that too whole of the month, to justify why don’t you have a girl friend. Anyway, it is not the subject matter of this post.

The inspiration behind this post is a TV serial ‘Just Mohabbat’ (in Hindi, means ‘Just love’ in English) which is almost 7-8 years old. But hopefully in order to celebrate this love month, POGO channel is telecasting all of its episodes once again. When I was kid, it was my favorite TV serial which I used to watch with a lot of fervor (and emotions, feelings blah blah you understand child’s foolishness). I saw one episode in which the leading character lies to get some love. This got my attention. Is it just to lie to get love? I did a lot of introspection on that…

I have lied a many times, ok, to get love… I have lied to my teacher that project is made by me (when I copied it from internet), I lied to my mom that foodstuff is made by me for her (when I originally ordered it from the neighborhood restaurant), I have lied to many girls that I go to gym in the morning (I miserably failed at convincing them when they saw my biceps which are not even the size of a straw), I lied to my neighbor that I don’t know about his dog, when actually it was me who took the dog out of the village and left him there only (you know he was used to bark at night), I mean innumerable times I have did this. Ok enough of jokes; I want a serious viewpoint on this.

There are two viewpoints to this. 1) What if someone lies to get your love? Will you forgive him? 2) Have you ever lied to get someone’s love? (Don’t be narrow minded, love can be of anyone). You should forget the one who have lied to you, simply because he* lied to you because he loves you, he knows if he will speak the truth it will hurt you. You, including me, should not get angry if someone’s lie to us just to get our love or sympathy. Why be so angry?

Lies are not bad things… they are just the inability to accept the realities. Reality is sometime full of uncertainties… lie is one’s way of diverging from such uncertainties. After lying one become aware of the consequences, at least he knows what is going to happen. To be serious, if I ever lied it is only because I did it for someone’s benefit. Everyone says lies to save someone’s day are just fine.

*I have used ‘he’, I don’t try to be gender biased, and you can use ‘she’ if you want… 😉 (DAMN footnotes)


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