One Vote

I am going to vote today, as one vote can change the whole nation. Today I am going to exercise one of rights that republic of India has granted, the right to vote. I will vote for the best candidate, who will change the face of my state, who will represent me at the state assembly. I will vote, my vote will be like one step towards the development of my statement, the infrastructure would improve, road will widen, prices will be cheaper and a lot like that.

I was not going to vote today, because I was feeling a little lazy. But when I saw even the handicapped and aged people in their 90s going to vote, I felt a little ashamed. But shamelessly, I reached the election spot one hour before it was going to be closed. I crept into the line of 100+ people of different background, height, color, voice and think lots of things here. I waited for about more than 2 hours for my turn. I was very excited. Proudly I recited my name, and, then election agent informed me my name isn’t in the voter list. I went back home empty handed.

(Being a new eligible voter, my name wasn’t in the list. The list that polling agent was holding, I suppose, was 5 years old. After that people of my village came to my home and took me along with them and made me to vote, but that is a different story)


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