Before I die

From almighty god,
Come all the things under the sun;
They have to return,
When their work is done;

Like those men, I am from god,
And I have to return;
Unfortunately, I too have to die,
I will too get burnt;

Before I return,
I have some dreams and aims,
Which I wish to apply,
Indeed, lot of work is to done;
Before I die;

When friends will listen about my death,
All around the globe;
Since, they have lost nice one,
They should sorrow and sob;

I want to convince those,
who are unjust to me;
A caged bird, struggling,
To set himself free;

One aim is to let that bird fly,
To break all chains and barriers
Before I end, before I die

To return all credits,
And to clear all accounts;
And to confess all mistake in my mind;
Cause everyday given to me counts.

To prove my worth,
And to tell I am really nice;
All those things have to be done,
Before the flower dies;

Imagining the world without,
Tears flow, eyes have become so dry;
Let me confess, I want to live forever,
Before I end, before I die;

Written By Me

*Burnt: Cremation Ceremony (in Hinduism)


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