Restless & Settled emotions…

As aspirations fall down,
Like dew on green grass;
Few things I remember from past,
Few famous smiles and frowns
Encouraging comments and disheartening taunts.

As I recollect,
The scene ought to be the best,
Me smiling, running, jumping,
To reach for the crest;
Oh ye spot the difference now,
Same me, same scene;
But still difference in me

How poor I can be, you may guess;
Laying down in my bed,
And thinking how I can win,
While doing the rest.

– Written by me

ok we all have this habit, when we go to bed and before sleep we think about some thing, person, idea, place, emotions, feelings a lots of unmentionable things. I think about my failures. I think about my rejections. I think about my plans which have miserably failed… I remember few inspirational songs… I remember few nice comments… some taunts… I recall how enthusiastic I was… I listen voices… “Sandeep bhaiya, when I grow up I want to be like you, head boy“- (of my 6-7 year old friend), ” Sandeep you are intelligent, but be quiet in the class” -(of my computer teacher), “I know your calibre, that’s why I give you opportunities”- (my english teacher), “You are such a prominent person that you are being watched” – (my school principal), “You will suceed, ofcourse” (my coaching sir)

I find ways so I can escape all these, I think about my future plans. Then about a sweet and the most lovable person of my life… and then I fall asleep to sweet dreams…


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