I am busy!

People have different ways of expressing that they are busy. Some throw away a lot of papers on their desk, some keep their phone on “busy” mode, and some carry large brief cases, some keep whining “I am busy, I am busy…”

Next time you want to ask me if I am busy you better ask, “Sandeep, are you wearing your watch now?” I wear a watch when I want to say I am busy, or perhaps pre-occupied with something. The watch on my wrist keep reminding me of the tasks and duties which are yet pending… and telling me “look the time is ticking; you better complete your pending work now”. When I look at my watch I get the inspiration to work round the 24 hrs and keep on working till break. (broken)

When I used to come back from my school (or say college) I used to remove the watch, sit and relax. Nowadays, I don’t get that feeling of removing my watch too often.

Very rarely, I have removed my watch (except when I go to bed) in the past few years. And even last night while going to my bed I didn’t removed it. Why be so busy? Some assignments and presentation was to be delivered before the deadline was reached. Typing, traveling, printing, checking, delivering, speaking… Like a computer program… running and running in never ending loops … it seems I will become an expert in doing all these…

With Opened eyes, in the midnight hour, like of an owl I see at my watch. It’s exactly 12:03 in the morning. I got the feeling its right time to rehearse the presentation. With the file fumbling in my hand, and the mind in half sleep mode… I browse through the presentation papers… And a sigh “oh I can always do them later…” I wonder how I can be so careful about what is pending and what is not.

Being busy is a good thing, but then I remember those beautiful lines I used to read with great fervor… “What a life, full of care. There is no time to stand and stare”. But I love being both free and free (as in freedom). I love to remove my watch. Just lay down in the bed and pullover the blanket, ready to execute some other random bet so unpredictable programs… you are familiar with them… perhaps beautiful dreams.


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