Valentines this season…

Before you move onto another blog or some other website or run away and swear never to read a blog again I would like to suggest you to continue reading this post… Well, I thought this is really interesting…

As you all know valentine day is approaching, so we will pretend that we too have got this fever. So you want to have a valentine this season? right? Read on…

I am not going to propose a new magical charm or drink that will get you a valentine perhaps we will try to invent some ideas how to get a bakra (goat) this season…

First step is to find someone. This is the most difficult part. Girls will find plenty of boys… boys boys everywhere but not a single one to propose… as for the boys… girls are also available in plenty… but already “BUSY”. Some girls already have a boyfriend, some girls don’t want any relation, some girls think friendship is cool and some girls the worst of all are already married. Anyway if you find some one, cool, if not then pretend that you are not interested in having a valentine ( like me)

Second and hopefully the last step is to propose? But how? Take your to-be-valentine with you on a boat (two seater would do, it is very cheap). Ask him/her “Be my valentine or jump from this boat. What you want?” If you can do it successfully (try it in the midddle of Indian ocean) you will win her. But if you are bad enough like the alien in star wars and she replies she will jump. Then you better watch out and start crying “you will die but not help a poor starving-for-valentine guy. This world is very mean. No charity nowadays” If you are intelligent enough you can try saying, “Be my valentine or I will jump?”. But this way can cost you your life. No way. Then you say to her that now you don’t want to have a valentine and will not jump for who don’t care for someone’s life.

Through out the above paragraph I was thinking, how on this earth will you get someone to get on a boat with you? PLEASE HIM/HER. To please girls, boys can take notice. Buy her flowers, gifts, chocolates, dine her, take her on long drive, listen to her, get down on your knees and cry for her. Chances are 1% that she will get pleased . Girls on the other side are safe. Just smile to any boy and he will be your’s forever.

Pleasing some girl is really very difficult. Once god asked to a islander, what one wish he want? The Islander said, “please contruct a highway road between my island and the asia over the ocean”. God said, “It is very difficult, ask something else.” Islander said, “okay tell me how to please a girl” . God said, “okay, how many lanes the highway road should have?”

When pleasing someone BE SPECIFIC with your aim . Like once god asked to one person for any two wishes he want. The guy replied, “I want the best wine and best woman yet in this world”. God brought him the best wine, as for the best woman part god gave him Mother Teresa. Moral of the story: Be specific with what you want from someone.

If you are successful in pleasing someone, you are great. But if not, don’t worry many people are in your gang. As for now I have wasted lot of your time…. So bye…

Oh yes, please tell me if you are able to convince any one to be your valentine this season using my ideas. And don’t forget to comment how boring this post was. (ok I said it was interesting, but we should not believe the strangers. Isn’t it?)


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