If I was the principal…

ok. If I was the princpal I would give free laptops to all the students and make it mandatory for all to read my blog. Asking them to maintain thier own personal blog as their monthly assignments would be like an icing on the cake. I will ask all the lecturers not to take any mid semester exams but prepare student reports on the basis of the assesment of their blogs.I would propose a new Internet lab which is open to students 24/7 round the year. I will establish a new department called Internet research and planning, in which there will be special courses on “Using Internet”, “How to Send an e-mail”, “Maintaining blogs” blah blah…

Now for the incentives, I will anounce “student blogger of the year” award. Well, I wish no one will ever come near to achieve it. So, I will anounce it and give it to myself. clapping clapping….

As for the holidays, there will be college on sunday…. only! holidays for the rest of the weekdays. clapping clapping….

Stop clapping now. I have to go now, my lecture is going to start in a few seconds… Then you will find me begging in the class “oh teacher please mark me present, otherwise…. I am going to do… nothing… perhaps sit and study”


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