Life – Part 2

And she was done with all the candidates, rejecting them all. I was bit
nervous. But still confident. She called my name, and I try to be as
decent as I can be while entering the interviewer’s cabin. She came, I
stood up.

“What happened?” she said. “No ma’am, it is considered a custom to
stand up when you see some elder”. I try to be as innocent as I can be, but
helpless. “Have I asked you to stand up?” she further demonstrated her
attitude. It’s okay with me. It was the first impression, “first
impression is the last one.”

She asked for my paper’s which I gave. And she asked common questions
“what’s your name etc.” “What is your qualification?” she asked. “I have
just passed my senior secondary”, I replied. “What is senior
secondary?” she enquired further. “Umm… +2”, I replied while stumbling across the
thought that she really doesn’t know the meaning. “So, why don’t you
say you have passed +2? Everyone says that they have passed +2. You say
you have done senior secondary, are you trying to confuse me?” She fired
back at me. “Certainly not ma’am but it means the same.” I had to
reply. At this point she really lost her cool.

My English is very good, I don’t know why? Why is it so? Is it because
of good schooling, because I have the habit of reading, writing and
talking with people in English? She pointed out, “You are speaking so
fast, slow down.” I said “okay” But again “Have you prepared for the
interview or learnt it?” she said, checking my temperament. “No, I speak like
that, a little bit fast, but understandable, don’t you see my IELTS
score 7.5. I am a good English speaker”. This was the point when she went
completely against me.

“Why you want to go abroad?” She questioned, “Is it India not okay for
you?” I replied humbly, “It was my childhood dream to go abroad and
study there. I always wanted to stand on my own and become responsible
person. I love the challenging life.” Her expression was like this, “I am
not impressed!!!” I thought, “Yeah, I am not trying to impress you, I
deserve something better.” And “Is it India not okay for you?” “I think
India is not as good in providing higher education. Student teacher
ratio is not good and the kind of quality education does not conform to
the international standard. It will be an added advantage to my resume” I
went on to explain. “Do you know what the student teacher ratio is in
India?” she asked further. “Not exact figures, but it is very high as
compared to Canada.” She was tried to outwit me, “What if there was no
Canada? Where would you go then” I said, “Canada is not a priority for
me, I want to go their because of the education not because it is
Canada.” While I thought, “So stupid, if there was no Canada there would be no
embassy here in India. And you would have not got the kind of the job
you are enjoying and you would have not been sitting here and
interviewing me, but would have been in your country”

And finally she said, “You are not able to convince me. I am DENYING
you the VISA. Don’t dare to blame your country for anything. Be loyal to
your native land. It has given you the primary education.” Dreams were
shattered, and the vision was challenged. Defeat was felt. But I lost
no hope, “its okay ma’am, but you can see my IELTS score and my
certificates, I am good student as well as a person” I admitted that I didn’t
deserved the visa, and tried to show her my qualification. I had to ask,
“Ma’am, why you are denying me the visa?” she replied, “Because you
don’t have sufficient funds”.

I am happy being here in India. India is the best. It’s not because
grapes are sour, it’s because where I belongs to, where my family belongs
to. I think life is more challenging here then any other country in the
world. For me she made a right decision.

My determination says, one day in life, I will make her feel that she
made a mistake by denying me the VISA.

(PLEASE NOTE: All are my personal views and represent my thoughts. I
have not tried to portray any one wrong, but tried to bring about the
indifferences that the life makes”


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