Life is what happens, when you plan to do other things.

It was another day for me. I recieved a call from my agent (eductaion services) that my file is forwarded to the Canadian High Commission, and There are 90% chances that I will get a visa. All I Have to do is to appear for the interview. It’s okay, I love being interviewed.

My agent said, he can provide me the assistance in preparing for the interview. I have learned to be humble, I said ok. And he gave a me a set of questions. Like what is your name? where do you belong to?

To be frank, I was sure that I will get a visa. Why? I have got 7.5 bands in IELTS and good marks in +2. What more they (canadian embassy) can ask for? Anyhow, believed it is just a formality which I have to complete and I proceeded as.

The date arrived, I dressed up beautifully and combed my silly hairs. Standing in front of mirror, I said in a long breathed, “Perfect”. I was very confident, and very proudy. Dressed in a black coat pant and a red shirt, I thought, anyone can hand down me a visa. No questions asked.

I arranged for the driver. Canadian embassy is in chandigarh. A 3 hour drive from my home. I called up the driver in the mid night asked if everything okay. You know that pretty stupid thoughts on the eve of something important in your life.

My interview was fixed at 1 pm. I reached there, at 12 noon. You know that silly interview (how to tackle them?) articles, that always shout “Arrive early”. I did. But I had to wait.

I was stumped at the beauty of the furniture and the kind of state-of-the-art facilities. I sat there with the rest of the candidates, I wasn’t nervous, and I had a grin on my face. Hun! they can’t match with my IELTS scores. I whispered to one of the interviewee, “How’s the interviewer?”. “She is okay”, he replied. She. SHE. Yes I listened it. You mean a lady. Ladies at high authority were always a source of trouble for me. Remember. Principal. College Dean. and now the interviewer. But that doesn’t detered me for appearing in the interview.

“How is she reacting?” I asked. and the reply “Very bad. She is rejecting the visas. No one visa is stamped since the morning.” Again I laughed, “Um! I will break the jinx”. One by one all the candidates were gettting reject. Just a second ago, they were demonstarting me their skills, their education, their dedicationa and hard work. I thought, they deserved the visa, atleast, If I am not.

(to be continued)


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