Essence of poetry

Poetry can not be defined. And there is no proper definition of poetry either. If poetry can not be defined, it is difficult to define what poet actually is. But one true feature of poet is that he has an extra ordinary vision. He see what others can’t see, he innovates, he creates a beautiful world of which he is the master. Some of the features of poem are:

  • Word music
  • Rythm
  • Emotion
  • Vision
  • etc etc…

It is very easy to write poem, only if you know how to write it exactly. Your readers can only feel your emotions, if you have any when you write your poem. Whenever a poet writes something, he chooses every word very carefully. Every word has a meaning, a deeper meaning inside. You just have to understand that meaning.

A true motto of any poet should be to write a poem so that in the charm of that poem, everyone gets drenched and derive immense pleasure by reading it again and again.

On that note I sign off this post with a beautiful poem from Rudyard Kipling…. enjoy

The Winners
by Rudyard Kipling

(“The Story of the Gadsbys”)

What the moral? Who rides may read.
When the night is thick and the tracks are blind
A friend at a pinch is a friend, indeed,
But a fool to wait for the laggard behind.
Down to Gehenna or up to the Throne,
He travels the fastest who travels alone.

White hands cling to the tightened rein,
Slipping the spur from the booted heel,
Tenderest voices cry ” Turn again!”
Red lips tarnish the scabbarded steel,
High hopes faint on a warm hearth-stone–
He travels the fastest who travels alone.

One may fall but he falls by himself–
Falls by himself with himself to blame.
One may attain and to him is pelf–
Loot of the city in Gold or Fame.
Plunder of earth shall be all his own
Who travels the fastest and travels alone.

Wherefore the more ye be helpen-.en and stayed,
Stayed by a friend in the hour of toil,
Sing the heretical song I have made–
His be the labour and yours be the spoil.
Win by his aid and the aid disown–
He travels the fastest who travels alone!

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