Happy New Year


Happy new year to every one and lots of wishes… Ok so I am late. But still I would like to convey my wishes to every one.

I don’t know why I am getting positive vibes about this year. I know for sure this year is going to rock for me. Ok new year day celeberations were ruined by exams. You people might have figured it out that I was busy with my exams. NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS. I have one. ACTUALLY NO NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS. Resolutions are like rules, meant to be broken.

New year gifts… well I have one for my readers. I have this habit for so long, wrapping up old things and gifting them. Have you noticed my tag cloud ? TA DA TA DA gift for you. I have organized all my blog posts till now into tags, which you can figure out easily. Want to read poems, just head to the poem tag. You will find it .

What else? Poems. More and more poems are coming, I haven’t stopped writing them. (Now I will write that I am so lazy that I can’t post them). So you can guess, but no prizes for it, that I am a lazy person. Not that piece of rubbish again and again.

Due to exams I have been feeling out of action for quite sometime. But I am back, and since this blog editor seems to be ok, I can make it out that I will be regular now.

Once again happy new year to all, enjoy yourself. YOU ROCKS.


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