Moving towards employee oriented business

It has been the traditional approach of the business; consumer is and always remained the focus of business activities. After all, it is because of the customer that the business exists. We know it, the prime motto of the business is to serve and satisfy the customers (leaving apart the profit making thing). However, in this era of increased globalization and liberalization, where the businesses are heading towards new heights of success and complexity, they are the employees who are being crushed to the extreme of their abilities to make the business grow and leave the customer happy and smiling.

Employees are always exploited and they always suffer at the end of the day, while on the other side customer is being satisfied and business is making huge profits. Why we are giving so much attention to the customers? Or is it that our employees are obsolete for us. Definitely not, after all employees are who keeps the organization running. Let us examine a situation, where a customer is not satisfied with the product. It is usual for him to rant and rave the salesman, but when everything ends up in the hands of the supervisory or management it is the customer who wins, and employees always feel embarrassed and low. In many cases, it will follow the resignation of the employee or dropped rate of performance.

Why is that we call the customer care of our mobile phone network operator and start using abusive language with the customer care executive about the number of dropped calls we are getting, when at the first place he has nothing to do with functioning of the network . And he can not complaint it to the management, because he is appointed to attend the customers and make them satisfied.

Why is that air hostesses do not complaint to their captain about the kind of comments and exploitation they are facing from the customers, because they know that customers (who are always being pampered with good kind of hospitality) are what keeps their airline flying.

Why is that a lecturer keep on ignoring the bunch of irritating students who keep bothering him, because he know that nothing is going to happen, simply because college runs on their money.

The answer is the business culture that has evolved over the period of the time, which gave undue attention to the customer leaving behind the employees and ignoring their mental satisfaction. However management is realizing that employees are the important assets of any business, challenging the tradition that customer is very important. Employees drive the success of any company and are the backbone of the business operations. And now Human Resource Management and Manpower Inventory are introduced into every segment of the business to take care of the human assets.

When the companies are realizing the huge costs involved in the recruitment process of the talented employees and the amount of money that goes into their training and development as well as orientation, they have started to treat the employees better now. They are doing everything to retain the best talent with them, to cope with the cut-throat competition in the industry. Organizations understands now, there competitors can match the production techniques, operations and processes, but they can’t match with the talent their employees have.

The need of the time does not demand whole focus on the employees, but simply requires the balance between meeting the demands of the customer and the employees. That customer should come first, but even employees should not be made to sit at the back seat when the business is accelerating at a fast pace towards the success and profitability. The time has come to move from customer oriented business towards a employee oriented business


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