aab2Ok man, it was another fine day (for me, not cockroaches). As I enter the bathroom I see 3-4 cockroaches hiding behind the door. How poor they are, that they get into my sight. My next thought was to kill them.

Mission: Kill cockroaches.
Equipment: Mortien Cockroaches Killing spray.
Commander-in-chief: All in all, yours truly.

I did a little of spraying that (I suppose it is) deadly thing on poor little nocturnal insects. And guess what? They run like hell. And they cry, shout and die. How poor destiny? What they had done to me by hiding behind the door.

After sometime I come back and see they are all dead. My conscience was already questioning me. And I imagine myself running like hell (as cockroaches did). How about when someone spray deadly poison (like cyanide) on me? Of course, it is not possible.

Because…. becoz I do not invade people’s home without any reason. I do not disturb and irritate them. I never be there where I am least expected. I don’t live in someone’s bathroom and hide like a dangerous monster ready to attack. I don’t make people’s hygiene mess. I do not interfere in someone’s life. And all in all, I AM NOT UGLY AND STUPID and I do not run on people’s books, pen, table, chair, clothes, golden pot….

What do you think?


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