Entry for June 17, 2006

It is long time since we had anything construction in our house. 1998, it was the last time when we had constructed some concrete in our home. It was when we turned our small house into two storeys to accommodate our ever-increasing need of more space (I still want more… I WANT MORE)

But the fever is back with gang of ill-dressed people roaming all over our place, as we are having some minor repairs and major (MAJOR) developments going on in our house.

I was envy of those people who had windows in their room (yeah, I read their beautiful picturesque reviews) into some beautiful scenes or natural beauty. And I am not sure if I still envy them. My room being the last one in the house, I decided to have window in my room.

Okay, I lied the last one, my dad decided it. Yup! Window in my room isn’t it fun. The fun remained till mason and bad-odor labor invaded my room. The hammer hitting hard the concrete (of your room wall), and dust falling all over your place, is a worst nightmare. Unfortunately, it came true for me.

They took away my pride of claiming my room TIDY AND CLEAN, and left me with a big window (almost a door, had it touched the floor).

Ah! New window, so now sun rays will enter, I would be able to experience rain from close now, the feeling is great, and the light is in (fresh air blah blah blah). God don’t want me to be happy, through that window I can’t see anything. And all I see is a wall, a newly made wall. It is almost a ft. away from my window.

But the room is airy now and I am having positive thoughts. I am feeling sleeping. I will write about it later.


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