Life is Going nowhere? – Anonymous

I don’t know where my life is actually going on. Yes, another article of rave reviews and sarcastic comments. BUT NO COMMENTS.

Time is good, only circumstances are bad. I have said that before, people are at their best only circumstances turn them bad. People are real source of inspiration, only illusions turn them off, and a bigger illusion called life. Over the years, I developed a philosophy of life. It is a Philosophy, which changed with events, people and circumstances and viewpoints. CHANGE IS ONLY CONSTANT. Deep in the heap of memories, I found some memories so close to my heart. Some of the memories are those which helped me to define what happiness actually is. (I will write them about, what was it to dance in the mud and get you dirty to the end)

No one can understand what life actually is. Apart from this incomprehension, here is a small piece of poetry I wrote just few minutes ago. I accept it is imagery.
Abandoned in the middle of the sea,
so lonely, far across the beach I see;
Strong winds take it one way,
turn down other with tides foray;
falling from the sour eye, like dry tear;
Far away, a small ship is going nowhere;

-Sandeep Chopra (You are free to use this anywhere)


Foray : To attack with force, almost changing the direction of the hit upon object (here is ship)


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