What is yours, but other people use it more often than you?

Yeah, you guessed wrong. It’s your name.

I am experimenting this for sometime, people really respond to their name. They really feel happy when you use their name. They get sense of belonging, they feel recognized. They feel proud, they feel happy. If you want to get recognized just try calling your friends with their name. What do you think about this, Leslie?

David, if you use name like this, in beginning of your sentences people really feel good that they are addressed directly. Avoid using hey and hello, or excuse me or yelling someone “hey! Listen” try using their name and see how quickly they respond. Even you can try this, Natasha, using someone’s name in middle of your sentences grabs the attention of person you are talking to and make them inclined to your thinking and viewpoint.

The first thing that you should think of when you see someone is their name, this way helps you to remember and use their name more often. Be careful some people get irritated when you call them by name, isn’t it Sonia? Ha ha ha. I made this mistake, when I addressed my teacher with her name (of course with Ma’am) and she got angry and scolded me.

When people (who know my name) don’t call me with my name I don’t respond to them. In fact, when I was born my parents gifted me something that gave me identity. And I would like to maintain this identity until I am alive.

Follow my simple policy, and you will instantly see the effect. It will make you get noticed, will help you make more friends. People will sit and notice you when you come, people will turn their heads when you will talk. You will become a famous personality. Next time you meet your old friend; don’t say boring “Hi, ” say “Hi, Niru”. And see how they respond.

After all our name is the only thing which we like to listen over and over again.

Perhaps, it is very easy to choose a name but it is very difficult to sustain it, isn’t it Raghav?


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