Where excellence is not enough

Students celeberating their results

Students celeberating their results

Just one week before it, I knew result will be coming on 23rd. Why be so tensed? I knew what result will be. I knew because I (and I only) had given exams and therefore only I knew how good (or how bad for that matter) my exams will be, of course, apart from the examiners. I knew where I stood and what was going to be my position. Then why be so anxious about result? Why be so nervous?

It was foolproof for me, but not my friends, who all had lot of excitement about the results (which lasted to the day of result only)

I was unable to make my parents relax (they were worried about the results). I couldn’t make them feel that I will PASS easily. Why my parents thought I wouldn’t succeed? Because they never saw me studying at home, they could not believe that I will pass. That is a different story, never mind.

So, what I feel about results.

Fine, yup! Excellent at first sight. I have just finished my high schooling, way for me for higher studies. Hey, no big feat. So did thousands of other students. So what special about it? Nothing.

I have just scored 68%, hopefully highest in school (in commerce only). That means I am all better than my friends and classmates, sadly enough, some of them even didn’t passed (and some left with compartments).

Friend who called me early in the morning that result has been announced himself got failed, It is awkward, how come you console someone who has failed in exams? How come you celebrate your own success? I had only one thing for him, “Failures are badges of success”. It was awkward again; this so-called thought couldn’t justify his effort of repeating same class once more. Sometime, you don’t need to shed out tears to let others know you are crying.

Emotions apart, where do I place myself in larger context. Let us examine.

Let us throw facts, as many as 1,905 students made above the 90%. One girl from our state exam board secured 98.2% something. Oh! jaws dropped. Big photo on the front page is all I can imagine. How happy she will be and why not? She has put efforts and therefore good results. ( 😉 not LAZY)

Let us turn to the darker side, many students even committed suicide. How sad? I used to think often where excellence is not good enough, until I read this one. A girl with 86% committed a suicide, why? Probably she wasn’t satisfied with her result. That way, I would have to commit suicide thousand times. Hey that is silly thing to do, who you are to dare to weigh the importance and VALUE of human life with some stupid certificates and papers. POOR EDUCATION SYSTEM.

Never mind, I can’t do anything. This vicious circle goes on, next year, same result, same story, and same next year. It goes on. I can’t help it, because I am not the education minister, I am not the board president. I can’t review the whole education system. If I were they, I would have made it mandatory to pass everyone. That’s best things about dreams, they cost you nothing.


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