Computer is personal again….?

My friend asked me, “What does PC means?” I replied “It stands for personal computer” He nodded and said “There is nothing personal about it”

Okay, I made up this story few hours ago. But this new ad campaign by HP computers is worth noticing, the central theme being “Computer is personal again…” (\in\personal)

How true? The region to which I belong, here computer is just treated as a box; it is considered as a tool to get your work faster and efficiently. And there is great myth here that every thing can be done through computers. When you go to buy some computer, dealer gives you certain specifications. You check if they match your own, and see if is better than someone else’s specifications and then there you draw your conclusion. You are not aware that you are buying a personal computer, read it again, personal really means PERSONAL – A computer of your own.

Now, what does this imply? Remember when you bought your first bicycle or your first favorite thing. The kind of attention you played to small details of your thing, of course, it was your personal thing. Remember, how much you cared for it. Then why it is not same care for computers. Why people are so ignorant about computers, why being in a net of computers we always under-estimate it’s power and sometime over-estimate its ability such as producing life-like robots etc.

Time is to review our viewpoint and see from a perspective where we stand to gain something, make sure you have a personal computer not just a computer!


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