Religous Songs

You never know things you tend to ignore come to you as surprise. You never know which of your forgotten moments will become your favorite and which thing you will be more comfortable or which thing you will find most peaceful.

I have been humming some of the religious songs; I listened about 1-2 years ago. All of a sudden, I have developed a keen liking for them. They are really meaningful and peaceful (at same time praising the god).

It may come as a surprise, the boy of my age listen to religious songs. My friends don’t prefer them but I do. I know it is a wrong thing to write about someone, they are atheists. Anyhow, what I have to do with them?

(Have a look here before you read further)

One of the sings is regarding Hindu mythological character (a sort of religious also), MIRA. It is about show she fell in love with Lord Krishna (for Hindus, it is one of the incarnations of god). She became a fan of Lord Krishna at a very tender age and later devoted all of her life praising and singing about His Majesty, Lord Krishna. It is a perfect example of true love.

To end her this mania, one of her relatives (sorry, I don’t remember what relation they had) RANA gave poison to her, but she drank it like if it was AMRITA (holy water which is of great religious importance). Nothing happened to her even after drinking the poison.

I believe, it is perfect example for modern-day lovers, that there love should be true and willing to sacrifice. It is more of an example that why should one love god.


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